Utilize the “Bells and Whistles” of AMS360

Helping agencies better utilize AMS360

When was the last time you checked out your basics… Workstation Setups, User Setups, Security Group Setups, and the list goes on.

Want some ideas of different ways to do the same thing but simpler?

There is just a lot of stuff you and your staff need to review/check out.

If you think you are missing something you probably are…

Let me know what your thinking and we will see if there is anything we can make better… maybe you already do it right and that’s GREAT we go on with agency life knowing all is good


With a better understanding of AMS360, we can build workflows or update your existing.

Is everyone doing the same process in your agency?

Does everyone:

  •  Complete General Liability and Commercial Property correctly or completely?
  • Certificates?
  • Binders?
  • Use the rating bridge?

Larry confession: I did not follow sports much and knew not much about any sports rules…. until I had grandsons…  OMG…

But the reason for saying this is your agency has to be a “Team” and if someone misses the ball someone else should be able to pick it up and play it…If a customer called yesterday and discussed something about their account would the next person know what happened the day before?

These are efficient workflows are essential for customer service and customer retention and most importantly customer confidence.

System Review

Many times I find that no-one knows how, or why, things were set up the way they were when they first started AMS360 and as a result you and your staff may be processing in a way more complicated than it should be…

Let’s review your Agency Setup

This includes

  • Default User settings
  • Default Company settings
    • Are your billing staff having to change Billing Options when invoicing…
  • Activity and Suspense doing the right thing?  Is there something I don’t know that I should….
  • Default eForms for states you don’t write business in

And of course, the list goes on and on… we can run thru these quickly to see if they are an issue or not.


Hold tight as I rebuild my site…  I moved provider systems and decided to start all over..

As with all good things in life sometimes it takes a while to get all/some of the good things

Your patience please…

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I am not your “usual” System Trainer…

I was an agent for over 30 years first… I’ve also always had the hankering for fixing and knowing “stuff”…

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