I provide AMS360 Training, System Reviews as well as offer services to keep your agency up to date and functioning at maximum performance.  My fees are a fraction the cost of having a full time in-house staff person, other vendors, AND you will have the advantage to access a knowledgeable trainer that you and your staff can rely on to answer questions quickly and accurately

I can, and do, provide multiple ways to function with-in AMS360.  Why you ask… because we are all Independent Agents and we want to do things OUR OWN Independent way.

E-mail me at or call/SMS 941.504.9050

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Here is a Partial List

System Review

  • “System setup” I review and bring to your attention
    • Bank Security, Security Group Setup (Employee access areas), DOC360 Secure attachments, etc., Activity/Suspense review and suggestions, just to name a few…
  • Security Group Setup
    • Make sure your employees see what you expect them to (confused there are only 247 settings)
    • Employee leave or change responsibility? 
    • Global Personnel Change when someone decides to change agency positions, workflows or in case someone leaves….
  • Company setup
    • Commissions set up correctly for each “Writing Company”
    • Download ~ working and processed correctly and efficiently
  • Form Letters / Word Processing Activity /Suspense
    • Add / Edit / Inactivate
    • Letter Library Review
    • Summaries and Proposals
  • Marketing/Target Lists
  • Import Lead Lists to solicit New Business
  • Import a Customer List or Acquired Agency Client List
  • Sort your customer base for marketing different lines of business

Employee Setups, Training and Review

  • AMS360 screens need to have available all the options you use
  • Policy processing ~ New Business, Renewal, Re-marketing existing business
  • Endorsement Processing ~ get ideas on multiple ways to process quickly and efficiently
  • Daily Processing and Management Tools DOC360 (paperless, Green agency considerations and procedures)
    • Alert Setup
    • My Renewal List (Department heads take note)
    • My Reports
  • Personal and Commercial Lines work flows
  • Submissions / Marketing work flow
  • Certificates /Binders / EPIs
  • In shot “Shortcuts” let us move quickly in the processing flow (less clicks = more processing)

And the list goes on…..


I offer Commission Statement posting!!!  

Direct Bill Statement Deluxe, Direct Bill Entry or Download Statements!!! 

How about Bank Reconciliations?

Third party services have a great deal of benefits.  1) no overhead expenses, hourly or contract basis, 2) Commission Statement posting will let your staff deal with their “Real job”. 

If you are interested in utilizing any of these options/services please feel free to contact me at or call/sms me at 941.504.9050


Most all my work comes from happy customer referrals… keep me in mind and see what others have said about my services.  BTW: I am sure that any of these people will be more than happy to talk about their experience(s). 

Comments and Remarks from Larry’s customers

With great concern but anticipation we began our live training on 2-18-2008.  To our surprise, a very bubbly energetic trainer, Larry Hazen, entered and cast a level of enthusiasm on which the entire staff was able to feed.  What could have been a rather complicated system was made easier due to the energy that was portrayed.  Every aspect of the system was explained and demonstrated, but the key was the “out of the box” concepts in nearly every area as we set up the system to work in/for our agency.  I have had 4 different systems in the last 39 years, and this training session was, by far, the most enjoyable and diversified as Larry stayed late every evening to explore different procedures, within the systems capability, that might better fit our agency needs.  We were truly fortunate to be assigned to Larry Hazen for training on AMS360.

Jim Keitz
Associated Insurance Agents, Inc.

Tim Morse

Owner, Morse Insurance Agency, Inc.

“I have used Larry several times to train employees and to help with office procedures. He is a wealth of Knowledge in insurance, computer systems and AMS. If I ever have problem that I can’t figure out, I can usually email Larry and have an answer right back. Great person to work with.


Dan Morse

President at Morse Insurance Agency, Inc.

“Larry recently came back to our office to do training with our staff on AMS360. His knowledge was great and his enthusiasm of working efficiently is wonderful. Since Larry has worked in an Insurance Agency for years his practical knowledge of our operation when it comes to I.T. use is invaluable. We plan on having Larry back to help refresh our AMS360 knowledge and workflows annually.


Dorothy Lynn

Co-founder Confidence Builders International, Inc.

“I first met Larry at The Sarasota Breakfast Club. He impressed me as someone who had a clear vision of what he wants to do with his life. I’ve watched him in action as a board member and leader. He is gracious to all he comes into contact with and has a distinct sense of humor. I would categorize Larry as a leader on a mission. His work ethic is undeniable; he steps up to the plate whenever and wherever he is needed. Larry is an all-around good human being and that’s what impresses me the most about him.

March 11, 2011, Dorothy was a member at The Sarasota Breakfast Club when working with Larry at Hazen Enterprises, Inc.


Buying an Agency.. Need Customers put into AMS360…

If you don’t want all the garbage from another agency in your AMS360 I have quite a few suggestions for you.   Oh yeah at a fraction of the cost of doing a conversion…

You owe it to yourself for another opion/suggestion…

Write or call/text 941.504.9050