AMS360 Hero 2

My Approach

I approach each agency with a different attitude and thought, it's all based on conversations with my contacts, usually the agency owner.

This prepares my client and myself to be on the same step, side by side.

My closing here:

We are all "independent" here we would like to do things our way but sometimes we do need follow some basics... but staying independent and efficient!!!

My Story

I started my insurance "life" as the third generation in our a small town (Woodstock Vermont) Independent Insurance Agency.

I had no knowledge of what I was getting into.. my father had called me into the office, the first time any of us "kids" asked to stop....NOTE: we were not allowed to disrupt "the office"... no kids... was his attitude...and since I was 24 I guess I was not a kid any longer... He asked  me if I wanted to work in the office.... my previous work experiences was a house painter and 4 years as a manager of a Kentucky Fried Chicken in West Palm Beach FL.  He said I had 24 hours to make up my mind... the rest of the story you now know...

I started with the bookkeeper as my father knew nothing about the finances and relied on Helen (who by the way was a peach!!).   Back then (1980's) we were typing invoices with an IBM Selectric typewriter and 5 part carbon paper invoices.

The first of the "girls" was retiring after starting with my Great Uncle after graduating our local High School... approx 47 years... I went to my father and asked "Can I replace Francis with a computer?"... he almost fell over... we had just got fax machines and he could not figure out why someone would want a piece of paper that dxxxed fast... the rest is history!!!

After working for the family agency for 16 years I lost my father/business partner in an auto accident.  The next 4 or so years were tough.. after that I merged the agency with a large agency outside of Boston and continued as a Manager of 2 Vermont locations and training and software of the agency.  I gained so much knowledge in the transition... from 6 people to over 300 and 18 locations... wonderful!!

A bank purchased the agency and they decided to sell the VT offices to local Vermont agencies.  I was out of a job... I moved to Florida (was my wife and my plans for many years) and soon after I was asked if I wanted job training for AMS (now it's Vertafore) on their new system - AMS360.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!! Again the rest you know.

I love what I do and love the people I work with which is a fulfilling feeling each and every day, e-mail, call or text.

I have many references if you don't believe me..

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